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Re: Where to find Zmailer-FAQ ?

On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, Milan Riha wrote:

> it's look like zmailer is not able to parse command with parameters in
> aliases.
> I meen
>  savit.test: "|/usr/sbin/smdeliver" is OK
> but
>  savit.test: "|/usr/sbin/smdeliver savit.test" is not. 
> It's only my opinion and may be a'm wrong.

It accepts parameters, but only when the user is without dot:

savit: "|/usr/sbin/smdeliver savit" (is OK)
savit.test: "|/usr/sbin/smdeliver savit.test" (is not OK)

The wrong address is strangely interpreted by router. Router seems to
treat the dotted address with command and parameter as alias this way:

vrfy savit.test
250-newsgroup: not found
250-[: unknown operand '"|/usr/sbin/smdeliver'
250-[: syntax error at: savit.test"
250 error delivery to norealname for <savit.test>

router divided alias for two parts interpreted separately:

alias is : "|/usr/sbin/deliver savit.test"

router thinks that alias is : "|/usr/sbin/deliver
second part is : savit.test"

What to do then ?


Andrzej Stella-Sawicki <Savit@Sav.NET>
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