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Re: Where to find Zmailer-FAQ ?

> Hi there
> I am new to tje list and to use zmailer server.
> I have read most of the docs included in sources zmailer-2.99.49p8. Still
> can't find why zmailer says after vrfy command that user unknown when user
> is in aliases database.

	The VRFY/EXPN processing has always been a bit questionable.
	Especially the VRFY does a bit too early bail-out from the script
	execution.. and the post-processing yields error a bit too

>    Also zmailer doesn't seem to accept addresses
> including dots like test.test@test.com. It responds, that test.test
> illegal newsgroup or sth like that.

	The old default scripts did a very early differentiation
	in between dotfull local parts, and dotless local parts.
	Only latter in the 2.99.49p9 snapshots I finally gave in,
	and allowed basic 'aliases' to contain dot-full names.

	Hmm...  No, that support has been in 2.99.47, thus your problem
	is not lack of support, it must be something else.

	Do you have   "test.test:" in your aliases ?
	Is your aliases file configured properly ?
	Have you executed "newaliases" before starting
	the router for the first time ?

	To see if your aliases db is ok, following commands
	can tell it to you:

$MAILBIN/router -i
z$ db t		<--- should list 'aliases'
z$ db p aliases	<--- prints contents of the file
			(if it prints ?  In some systems it crashes ??
			 Hmm.. Yes in deed, a bug somewhere...)

	You can test your routing by executing following commands:

$MAILBIN/router -i
z$ rtrace
z$ router test.test@test.com

	the result is somewhat long report of what is done with the
	address during its processing.  Within it you should see
	lookups of 'fullnamemap' and 'aliases', of which the latter

> I would like to find a FAQ or better answer for my questions. 
> Regards 
> Savit
> Andrzej Stella-Sawicki <Savit@Sav.NET>
> ZPR Express Sp. z o.o. - http://SuperMedia.PL/

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>