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Re: virtual e-mail domain

> Hi,
> How could I configure virtual e-mail domain to solve the next
> problem:  Letters with destination address of our virtual domain for any
> unregistered user, i.e. this user hasn't his e-mail account at our
> domain, should be sent to some definite address at our domain?

	Ok, having had a change to read the scripts:

	With  fqdnaliases  mechanism you can do two type of aliases:
		local.part@domain: new@addresses...
		@domain:	new@addresses...
	System tries at first full  local.part@domain  form, and then
	plain "@domain".

	This is supported since 2.99.49p9 (30-nov-1997)

	Of course to use "@domain:" form you must list all supported
	usernames for the domain in that file too.

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