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Re: virtual e-mail domain

> Why do you ignore my question concerning the virtual e-mail domain?

	Sorry, that has not been my intention.
	I have been swamped with my main work and thus I haven't
	had time to do "hobbies".

	What you asked (if I remember it now correctly) is not
	quite easy to do. --  Well, it can be done by combining
	several databases in rather unelegant manner.
	You are asking more than just what the "fqdnalias" mechanism
	can give you -- "all undefined users at domain X to go to
	specified address Y" ...

	I have to put some real thought on it before I can reply, but
	so far all little R&R I have had without touching on computers
	has been just sleeping..  I will attempt to allocate time for
	it this weekend.

	The way MIGHT be something of following form of fqdnaliases:
		user1@domain-X:	address-Y1
		user2@domain-X: address-Y2
		@domain-X:	address-Y3

	I think it needs some changes into the router scripts before
	it can work, though.  I will check at it.

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