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Re: smtp error reports correct?

> Matti,
> I am getting messages in the syslog:
> Apr 13 07:19:09 deimos smtp[29291]: S.p9WJQ78305: to=<mbarrie@ceracamb.com>,
> delay=61:21:21, xdelay=00:00:06, mailer=smtp, relay=smtplink.ceracamb.com
> ([|25]), stat=deferred smtp; 500 (let_buffer write IO-error[1]!
> [Broken pipe] DATA 25364/73493 [35%])
> and my question is: are you sure that errno is not modified before
> return from the writebuf() function?  Can I trust the errstr?

	Yes you can.  In this case the remote end closed the socket after
	local side had written there 25kB data, and it had been mere 6
	seconds since start of the connection establishment to the remote
	server (or, to confuse a bit, 6 seconds since first activity on
	existing dormant socket -- MAIL FROM:<..> command very likely.)

	Of course we could consider rewriting these strings a bit.
	Right now they are quite cryptic..

> Eugene

/Matti Aarnio