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Re: Warnings in $LOGDIR/scheduler

> What this mean? (Taken from $LOGDIR/scheduler)
> 19980329193250 DBGdiag: # sm:20522: Cannot open control file
> "A/364780-14063" from "/usr/var/spool/postoffice/transport" for
> "local/alfre@ibd.es" as uid 0! (No such file or directory)

	It means that for some reason the scheduler has fed work-
	specification for this particular file twice, possibly to
	different thread process instances, and that other had it
	processed and reported to the scheduler, which had the
	spool-files removed.  After that, the sm got around to
	process the second instance, and reported an error.
	A nuisance, I would say.

	In my latter snapshots I don't see that behaviour, instead
	something else which may or may not be serious problem.
	I have to look at it.

> Thanks - alfredo

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>