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Re: a Z-mailer question

On Fri, 20 Mar 1998 mea@nic.funet.fi wrote:
> > I have installed your latest Z-mailer snapshoot on a Solaris 2.6 box and
> > everything is fine except now $orgdomain stuff doesn't work like before
> > (i.e. in release 2.99.49p9).  If I address mail to this system from the
> > one I installed the latest release on, it will not work as
> > 'rcb@press-gopher' but only as 'rcb@press-gopher.uchicago.edu'
> 	(this question keeps surfacing every so often, nearly half
> 	 of all questions I see are related to this one..)
> 	Pardon me, but when did you folks stop following the INSTALL
> 	instructions about `localnames' database ?
> 	While speaking of   $MAILVAR/db/localnames  the file tells:
> 		  IN HERE!  It reminds you of them, and makes sure a message
> 		  destined into the host really is accepted.

Yes, but the machine I installed the latest snapshot on was not
'press-gopher', so it still seems to me that the $orgdomain suffix
business stopped working somewhere after 2.99.49p9.

> 	I think it is very much same as with sendmail Cw/Dw rules, though
> 	that of course gets also `hostname' derived identities there auto-
> 	magically, while  ZMailer's  `localnames'  file does not have them.

*shudder* I think poking around Z-mailer's .cf files is easier than
understanding sendmail.

<lots of neat stuff about junk e-mail detection and documentation deleted>

> PS:	While many people believe that Finns are born with skis in their
> 	feets, it means cross-country skiing.  Two days ago I had my first
> 	touch on downhill -- alpine -- skiing, and now I am sore all over...

Yes, Finland is pretty flat like our Midwest.  Lucky you though - we have
had hardly any snow this year.  Even the American Birkebeiner X-country
ski race was curtailed this year due to lack of snow in northern

Roy Bixler
The University of Chicago Press