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Re: smtpserver policy database problem

At 06:34PM on Thu, Mar 19, 1998, Kevin Nikiforuk <kwn@ualberta.ca> sent:
>         I appreciate Matti's hard work on zmailer making it as good as it
> is, but in my opinion, the current state of the documentation hurts
> zmailer's usability and popularity.

I must agree.  Most of the included documentation is far out of date (and
noted so by Matti).  I'm running Sendmail on my systems because after a
week or so of getting Zmailer configured, it was still giving "MX is looping
back" error reports, which were false.  There was obviously some problem,
but it was in the Zmailer configuration and I could not figure out where -
iirc it even stumped everybody on this list.  Ten minutes later I had
sendmail in and doing everything I needed (vhost support, domain
masquerading, etc).

I believe there are a group of people from Telecom Finland working on
up-to-date documentation, so I'm patiently waiting for this to be complete
so I can finally run a high-performance mail system.  By that time I'll
probably need it :-)
I'd love to help out, even with a quick "this is what you need to do for
..." guide, unfortunately I don't know enough.  Evil catch-22 :-(

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