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Re: Router doesn't recognize localhost as local

> In article <316C251F4589D111B42700805F1569779B49@system28-19.laafb.af.mil> you write:
> >I had to define localhost in localnames in order to get the correct
> >response:
> [...]
> >Yes, I do have localhost defined in my /etc/hosts file.
> This is normal behaviour.  Somewhat counterintuitive, but perfectly normal
> for Zmailer.

	I have many hosts listed in my  /etc/hosts  files, but
	those are for finding addresses for a few extremely
	important machines in my setup -- it does not take part
	in local system interface identity definitions, for example.

	With sendmail you use  Cw  and/or  Dw  definitions to
	list all those domains that the host handles locally.
	With ZMailer you use  MAILVAR/db/localnames  file.

/Matti Aarnio