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Re: Behind a firewall.

> This may be a silly question.
> I have a system stuck behind an altavista firewall and it seems that 
> altavista does not support masqurading(Linux) or NAT(Routerism). Is there 
> any easy way to get all the outgoing smtp mail delivered to the firewall 
> since it can then forward it on it's own. 
> I tried Smarthost but that I think only works when zmailer cannot resolve 
> the mail address. 

	.your.local.domain	smtp!
	.			smtpx!your-outbound-gateway

  With these two entries in the routes database you get all of your
  local hosts (within  .your.local.domain) to deliver directly, while
  everything else is sent thru your outbound gateway.

  The plain dot can be considered as "fallback default route".

  Naturally the  'localnames'  database is used to recognize local
  host's identities, and that analysis is done before looking for
  routes database.  (thus:  localhost.your.local.domain will always
  be recognized as local.)

  You may add multiple local domain suffixes, like if you have

> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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