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Out of order responce from Smail3 when PIPELINING

I am getting sessions of the kind as below.  Order of responces from the
remote seems inadequate.  Can someone confirm that this is a bug in Smail?

14608s0006011572#       (Connecting to `mail.glasnet.ru' [] Tue Mar

 3 10:52:52 1998)
14608s0006111573r       220-mail.glas.apc.org Smail- (#11 DST-Aug-25)
ady at Tue, 3 Mar 1998 10:52:52 +0300 (WSU)
14608s0006211573r       220 ESMTP supported
14608s0006311573w       EHLO deimos.sovam.com
14608s0006411573r       250-mail.glas.apc.org Hello deimos.sovam.com
(deimos.sovam.com []), here's what we support:
14608s0006511573r       250-EXPN
14608s0006611573r       250-SIZE 3145728
14608s0006711573r       250-8BITMIME
14608s0006811573r       250-PIPELINING
14608s0006911573r       250 HELP
14608s0007011573#       76716-1109:
14608s0007111573w       MAIL From:<guard133@online.ru> BODY=8BITMIME
14608s0007211573w       RCPT To:<bpl@bpl.ru>
14608s0007311573w       DATA
14608s0007411573r       552 message too large
14608s0007511573r       501 RCPT TO must be preceded by MAIL FROM command.
14608s0007611573r       503 Need MAIL FROM command first.
14608s0007711573w       RSET