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Re: double processing of the same message?!

> > > see what heppend right now.  I sent a message to two addresses, it was
> > > accepted once by smtpserver, but processed twice by the router, and
> > > recepients got two copies each:
> > The fix is in my snapshots, and CVS tree, but not in any "official"
> > version.
> Is cvs-29949p10s7 version from mea.tmt.tele.fi sane to use?

	No, but my Linux/Alpha is swift system to build a new package ;)
	(About 3-4 times faster, than my PPro200...)

	Now this is apparently sane setup, and works well, but in
	case you have outbound SMTP problems, you can comment a
	define for "DO_CHUNKING" near the top of  smtp.c  file.

	In every case, do inform me about it if it fails.
	(I have lazy weekend at home -- but fixed connection :) )

	A pageing alert (up to 180 chars, From: address,
	subject: string, and begining of the body included)
	can reach me when sent to address:

> I am reluctant to install another version control package and read
> another stack of doco and...
> Eugene

	/Matti Aarnio