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Re: smtpserver consulting router

> Hi,
> 	I think it used to be that smtpserver used to consult
> router process to verify RCPT, VRFY, MAIL et cetera parameters?
> It would be a better substitute for current anti-spam facilities
> in smtpserver, I wonder if it still works and how bad it impacts
> machine load?
> 							alexis

	Yes, you can have it, but the primary reason I never
	supported it is that to do it you need to run full-
	blown router process under the smtpserver, and while
	it might work for you, it definitely is way too heavy
	for me.

	Hosts nic.funet.fi and archie.funet.fi are expanding
	linux-* lists from vger.rutgers.edu, and VGER is feeding
	archie at about rate of 100 000 - 200 000 recipient
	addresses every day. (Weekends are down to mere 100 k
	recipients..)  (NIC has heavier load, for only past
	two weeks has archie taken part of the load, before
	it everything was on nic..)

	To be able to receive at that rate archie would need
	about  2.3  router transactions per second all day thru.
	Well, MAYBE you can achieve that, but I would not put
	my head on it.

	And mind you, latter the system needs to do proper
	routing processing anyway.  It frankly would make
	a lot more sense to do the entire routing analysis
	parallel with the inbound SMTP in synchronous mode.
	However that is somewhat slow, isn't it ?

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