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Problem with relaying when using fqdnaliases

Having updated all my binaries and cf files to latest versions, I have also
transferred from my own version of fqdnaliases to the out of the box
version.  However, I am having problems when sending email which I want to
come from a fqdn alias.

For example, if I introduce to one of my zmailers -- either by smtpserver
or a suitable local program -- a message which comes from a virtual domain.
When that  message is sent out by that zmailer, the SMTP conversation
includes `MAIL FROM: <>'.

Now I know that might be acceptable via the RFC but a number of mailers
will not accept it.

I have an fqdnalias file and a routes file with error cases -- as per the
manual.  The problem seems to be router related as reading the code for
smtp.c as it seems `MAIL FROM: <>' is generated in the error channel.
However, running the router interactively shows no problems.

Finally, I have tried this with zmailer on a Sun (2.99.49p9) and on Red Hat
v5.0 machine (2.99.49p10-s2).

Any ideas, anyone.....