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Re: WinCE mail continued

> In article <19980220141639Z6580-672+1306@nic.funet.fi>,
>  <mea@nic.funet.fi> wrote:
> >	While we might take certain weird satisfaction at bashing
> >	M$ about protocol violation, I am under certain commercial
> >	pressure to allow it :-(
> Oh well, so much for Zmailer's reputation (notoriety?) for fiercely
> following the SMTP protocol... :/

	I know...   well, to have the relaxed rules one needs to
	have non-default configuration, anyway ;)

	The  smtpserver(8)  man-page shows example of it, but I will
	not include the "Sloppy" verification style in the default
	smtpserver.conf  file.

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/Matti Aarnio