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Re: ZMailer home-page tests...

> >The theme of the graphic logo is superb!  I like it.
> >Maybe the shield needs some work, I mean, it looks a bit empty.
>    I think that some color may enhanced things a bit...

	Eh ?  Amber on black ? (or black on amber ?)
	My favourite colour-scheme is amber/yellow on black
	background; for a good contrast, but still that
	is perhaps a bit too oldfashioned approach from
	the "ancient" era of long afterglow P10 phosphorus..  :-)

	The overall scheme -- at least as seen on NetScape
	browser -- imitates Telecom Finland colours.

	I have to book time to work on it with the artist
	who does the image work.  (The logo is hand-drawn
	with an ink pen on paper, and then scanned, and
	processed further with Adobe Photoshop..)

> /alfredo

/Matti Aarnio