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Re: router growing fixed ?


Once Sven Goldt wrote:
>from time to time i have to clean the router queue, because of
>From: lines like this (taken from the envelope):
>From: Nguyen Huu Thanh <"hanh <hanh <hanh <hanh <hanh <hanh"@informatik.unibw-mu
>These lines make the router grow until it reaches virtual memory limit.
>This special example has been created by Mozilla 2.0 OS/2, but
>maybe the router or smtpserver created it itself.

	If you use new canonicalize which uses tsift instead of ssift,
the problem is not there anymore. I tried it:

z$ canonicalize '<"hanh <hanh <hanh <hanh <hanh <hanh"@informatik.unibw-muenchen.de>'

<"hanh <hanh <hanh <hanh <hanh <hanh"<@informatik.unibw-muenchen.de>>

>Is this phaenomen fixed already or is it just a .cf problem ?

	Both, it is a cf problem and it is already fixed.

>If needed -  i have collected 16 router files that make router grow in size.

	I would be interested, send me one of each ``pattern''.

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