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Re: let_buffer write timeout

> I just ran mailq and saw the following:
> smtp/hughesgroup.offline.com:
> 		421799-18896:	smtp; 500 (let_buffer write timeout!
> DATA 66538/3062488 [2%]) (retry in 2m11s, expires in 17h41m2s, tries=17)
> What is let_buffer write timeout?

	It is the message body writing phase, and in this
	case it means the  write()  call (in blocking mode)
	took more than 3 minutes to write 1 kB.

	Most likely the path from you to the target system has
	a SLIP or PPP link with misconfigured MTU values at
	its ends, OR you don't get "ICMP Fragmentation Required"
	messages for the Path-MTU-discovery to work.

	Less likely case is that the remote end keeps dying under
	some overload condition.. (unlikely)

/Matti Aarnio