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> Today I've found this warning in my maillog:
> Feb  4 20:13:41 facil3 smtpserver[13274]: unknown SMTP command 'AUTH LOGIN
> Y249bWFpbC10aG9yLndvcmxkZGF0Y
> S5jb20sIGNuPXRob3Iud29ybGRkYXRhLmNvbSwgb3U9TmV0c2NhcGUgU2VydmVycw==' from
> thor.worlddata.com/2053

	SOMETHING on the theme is stated in draft-myers-smtp-auth-10.txt
	on your nearest internet-drafts archive. (January 1998)
	Does your host list "AUTH" as capability to "EHLO" responses ?
	(I doubt it, as I haven't done any support for it, but I might
	 want to add it -- once I understand how various systems use
	 it -- like M$ which has this weird "AUTH LOGIN" entry in
	 MS Exchange 5.5 capabilities. )

> What this mean?
> /alfredo

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>