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Re: spammer

> Hello
> I'm having a great deal of trouble building zmailer on my linux 5.0 box.
> I can rebuild the kernel alright but when it comes to building other
> programs, whew!
> Are there any particular problems related to the use of redhat glibc
> that will make a
> build fail?

Could you be a little more vague?
Is it failing while compiling a file, or while linking objects?

In the case of the former, the header files for glibc have changed
somethings just enough to break a lot of software.

I will probably start work patching zmailer under redhat 5.0 this
weekend.  If you want to give me a head start, you can mail me
the results of a 'make -i'.

for your cutting and pasting pleasure
make -i 2>&1 | mail pakrat@raleigh.ibm.com -s "make -i results"

Chris Dukes