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appendlet() failure to one site

We are trying to send email to one site in specific and nothing seems to
be getting through. Every time we send, the connection always terminates
(closed SMTP channel - appendlet() failure).
Is this a zmailer problem or Netscape Mail server problem?

This is the conversation from the smtp logs:
21383M0008640195#       jobspec: Q/421814-13367 datex.ca
21383M0008740195#       (Connecting to `datex.ca' [] Fri
Jan 23 00:23:15 1998)
21383M0008840196r       220 www.bentdesign.com ESMTP server (Netscape
Mail Server v2.02) ready Fri, 23 Jan 1998 02:35:15 -0500
21383M0008940196w       EHLO gate4.mcc.net
21383M0009040196r       250-www.bentdesign.com
21383M0009140196r       250-HELP
21383M0009240196r       250-EXPN
21383M0009340196r       250-XREMOTEQUEUE
21383M0009440196r       250 PIPELINING
21383M0009540196#       421814-13367:
21383M0009640196w       MAIL From:<JanetRevell@metronet.ca>
21383M0009740196w       RCPT To:<dave@datex.ca>
21383M0009840196w       DATA
21383M0009940196r       250 Sender <JanetRevell@metronet.ca> Ok
21383M0010040196r       250 Recipient <dave@datex.ca> Ok
21383M0010140196r       354 Ok Send data ending with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
21382M0016540197#       (closed SMTP channel - appendlet() failure)
21382M0016640197#       jobspec: #idle


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