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Re: parallel smtp sessions to same target ost

Morning, oh, gosh, time flies on Friday -- goodday,

Once mea@nic.funet.fi wrote:
>	We could solve this by having a way to build separate threads
>	based not only on channel+host pair, but also to some other
>	criteria -- like size-bins ?  How you would configure them ?

	Perfect solution.


	or if nothing is specified, then minsize=0, maxsize=0 -- any

>	Things are simplified, if the selection criteria is same for
>	all recipients on same channel+host pairs within one message.
>	I mean that it should place all recipients at same host into
>	same thread.  If it doesn't, well, scheduler and transport-
>	agent protocols need major overhaul job...

	Well, size sorting criteria is the most perfect thing i can
	think of regarding this problem.

>	I don't have time to look at that code before week 6, after
>	I have returned from RIPE meeting at Amsterdam.

	Great, lets have zmailer international development meeting
here :) You drink beer Matti? Remember Columbus?
			Where the wild horses run