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Re: Invalid message envelope information (fwd)

Once James MacKinnon wrote:
>> Once Sven Goldt wrote:
>> >In article <199801221338.OAA05925@eekholt.NL.net> you wrote:
>> >: Hi,
>> >
>> >: 	Back to the question about simultaneous delivery with smtp
>> >: i.e. to open two or more smtp connections to a host at a time turns
>> >: out to be very important feature we lack. Being secondary mail exchange
>> >: for huge sites that tend to go down for a day once in a while makes
>> >: it real pain for them to catchup with their mail via one smtp
>> >: connection. Besides imagine a huge mail arrived for a host, and is
>> >: being delivered (smtp transferred) whilst another twenty short mails
>> >: for other users on the same destination host are get delayed for
>> >: hours (literary of there are a few huger mail) So we came to the
>> >: point we have to implement simultaneous delivery or switch back
>> >: to sendmail/qmail. Any ideas how to do that?
>> >: 							alexis
>> >
>> >Simply add more channels in scheduler.conf. E.g.:
>> 	I am talking about the same *host*
>> 							alexis
>yes, well then wouldn't you just add an entry in the conf file for your
>*particular* host then :-)
>                maxchannel=100
>                maxring=50
>                command="smtp -se $host"
>I can't imagine how else to interpret your question.

Well, to make it easy to understand, an example:

*.customer.nl		IN	MX 10	relay.customer.nl
*.customer.nl		IN	MX 50	smtp.NL.net

	When customer.nl relay is down a lot of mail is spooled at
smtp.NL.net If there are a dozen of huge mails there, all the small
ones queued afterwards would get pretty delayed. Even if you reorder
your queue file by size, if some small mail received while you are
delivering your huge one they will get stuck there for a while. What
I need it to have parallel smtp sessions open.
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