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Re: problems with WinCE client?

> Hi gang,
> 	We're running 2.99.49p8, and some of our users who use WinCE palmtop
> machines can't send mail using mailserver. Every time they try to send out
> their essages they get a misterious undocumented "Error 7" message.
> Anyone seen anything like this? I'm still waiting for a test WinCE machine
> to test it with but I hope that someone already knows the answer.

	Nope, never heard -- I mean problem, not WinCE..
	However if you are using default configurations, you will
	have rather complete log transcript of every incoming SMTP
	session in your  LOGDIR/smtpserver  -file.
	Try to locate these users send attempts from it, and then
	see what diagnostics they have gotten.
	(Use egrep to pull out interesting sessions; the expression
	 is something like:  "^12345.<TAB>"  --- that "<TAB>" means
	 TAB character, not those 5 letters..  I leave it as an
	 excercise to the reader to know his/her local shell, and
	 how to enter re-pattern string properly quoted containing
	 TAB character...   Oh yes, the lines start with server
	 process PID, then  follow with ONE character of: r/w/#,
	 and after that, the TAB, and the actual received/sent
	 strings/status reports/whatnot..)

> 	Thanks,
> 		Imre Fitos

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>