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Re: canonicalize() beta

> Greetings,
> 	Well, I'm pretty determined to rewrite canonicalize() and
> this is the version I run on our mailservers. It looks pretty complete.
> Please notice that it passed all the non-uucp hostnames to canonical())
> which in turns resolves it through canon relation and it is very likely
> that all the addresses will be rewritten into lowercase. Older canonicalize
> would only try to put non-toplevel domains through canon, but nowadays
> this behaviour is pretty obsolete. Well, let me know what you think
> about this one.

	The snafu is on high volume systems that need to do DNS lookups
	for all addresses.  Now have an address which yields pathological
	timeout -- 30 sec -- have more of them, say 6, and you all the
	suddenly have many minutes of idle waits.

	You can circumvent that by running more routers in parallel,
	of course...

	The idea of putting only non-toplevels thru the canon came from
	these observations.

> 	BTW, could we perhaps establish something like a contribute
> directory somewhere on ftp site, or is there such a place already just
> that I dont know of?

	Yeah, why not.  Store via
	and email me.
	System FTP policies here make sure that no anonymously
	uploaded files are ever made retrievable without
	administrative intervention (we have tools for it,
	no need to have everybody as root..)

	While I were at it, I decided to rearrange the files and
	directories.  Now the sources are in the path:

	Those who run mirrors will now transfer around everything,
	but will also throw away all things moved away from the
	old locations.

> 								alexis

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>