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Re: 2.99.49p9 router leaking memory


Once mea@nic.funet.fi wrote:
>	Yeah,  lets start with an explanation of what happens.
>	This is not about memory leak, rather an eternal recursion
>	in route processing due to (I think) canonicalization
>	problem on the source address.
>	Try following in interactive mode:
>	MAILBIN/router -i
>	z# rtrace
>	z# router '"<>"@mx05.netaddress.usa.net'
>	(... lots of text zips in front of your eyes...)
>	Ctrl-Z
>	Now scroll back (you have LONG scroll-back buffers, don't you?)
>	and see where it goes into loop..
>	My guess it is inside  canon  while processing  "<>"  :-/
>	I may have time tomorrow to look at this -- I hope I will
>	have time..

	I was trying to rewrite canonicalize function a couple of
times, but I want to know exactly what kind of weird things it takes.
It does not take rfc822 ``address'', rather ``route-addr'' but
noone seems to have clear idea about it... :( Ok, maybe it is not
the real point but I think that zmailer nowadays is too many hacks
against its original design. Some things are hard-hacked  into source
instead of providing more general interface to configuration and
fixing them in zmsh.
			Where the wild horses run