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Re: Local hostname stripping

On 08-Dec-97 Ambrose Li wrote:
> Hi, Chris,
> In article <XFMail.971208131833.chris@aquarius.cc.ucf.edu> you write:
>>   I am running version zmailer-2.99.49p9, or rather testing it for now, and
>>discovered that mail originating from machine "a.b.c.d" has the hostname 
>>stripped on the mail from: command sent to the remote machine. That is 
>>user@a.b.c.d becomes user@b.c.d. with the hostname stripped off.
>>   What I would like to know is, how and where do I disable this "feature".
> What is your /etc/mail.conf like?
> I think the "orgdomain" setting determines what zmailer reports
> after the "@".

Thanks, that was it. mydomain was set to cc.ucf.edu. The reason I needed this,
was to keep the smail machines happy, they want to validate the addresses on
the mail from: command. (This is on purpose, btw). Now all I have to do, before
I put zmailer into production, is to look at how I can keep it from being an
smtp gateway to off-campus (not in our domain) hosts.



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