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Re: weird delivery report in 2.99.49p8

> I got a very strange delivery report just now. (At least I haven't seen
> such a thing.)  The system is 2.99.49p8. 
> The strange thing is the "Ok"...

> Here is the report:
> <local acli@mingpaoxpress.com acli@mingpaoxpress.com 65534>: Ok

Sender probably has requested Return-Receipt-to: ?

BTW, this reminded me about a bug in Zmailer: if you do not have a
`command=' verb in a scheduler.conf entry, messages scheduled to this
entry are retried periodically, and fail every time.  So far, so good.
But, if the sender requested a Return-Receipt-To:, he gets a *delivery*
report *every* time the message is retried!  Not good.