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Re: majordomo

> can someone help me set up majordomo properly? i have tried alot of
> diferent things, and have seem to run out of ideas... in fact, i have done
> a very good job at getting myself confused

You can do it with the same instructions you could do it with the sendmail;
except the aliases must have quotes (") around embedded white-spaces.

This following is uterly messy way used at vger.rutgers.edu -- which is
because I myself don't understand all of the environmental requirements
of the Majordomo, and thus haven't gone to lengths of creating support
scripts for it -- additional special processing in  aliases.cf,  I guess.
More of my musings below.

----  aliases  -----
majordom: majordomo
majordomo: "|/usr/local/etc/majordomo/wrapper majordomo"
majordomo-owner: owner-majordomo
owner-majordomo: davem@vger.rutgers.edu

# sparclinux majordomo setup

sparclinux: "|/usr/local/etc/majordomo/wrapper resend -p bulk -M 10000 -l sparclinux -f sparclinux -h vger.rutgers.edu -s sparclinux-outgoing"
owner-sparclinux: tdyas@vger.rutgers.edu
sparclinux-owner: owner-sparclinux
owner-sparclinux-outgoing: owner-sparclinux
sparclinux-outgoing-owner: owner-sparclinux
sparclinux-archive: /vger/u3/majordomo/archives/sparclinux/sparclinux
owner-sparclinux-archive: davem@vger.rutgers.edu
sparclinux-archive-owner: owner-sparclinux
sparclinux-request: "|/usr/local/etc/majordomo/wrapper request-answer sparclinux"
owner-sparclinux-request: owner-sparclinux
sparclinux-request-owner: owner-sparclinux
sparclinux-approval: owner-sparclinux
owner-sparclinux-approval: owner-sparclinux
sparclinux-approval-owner: owner-sparclinux

#  Actual  'sparclinux-outgoing' is ZMailer list maintained by the
#  Majordomo.

vger:/disk1/u3/mea# ls -l zm/lists/*sparc*
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     slinux         35 Mar 30  1997 zm/lists/sparclinux-outgoing -> /vger/u3/majordomo/lists/sparclinux


About those musings:

-	The main place for support should be (I think)  aliases.cf,
	but they can be placed into  fqdnaliases.cf  as well.

-	There seem to be following "entry vectors":
	-	listname	--> majordomo-resend
	-	owner-listname	--> some person (file owner ?)
	-	listname-owner  --> owner-listname
	-	listname-archive --> to some file
	-	listname-request --> majordomo request

What else is needed ?   How to auto-parametrize some of these
inputs ?

Primary source could be existence of specifically named file
in a special directory.

I don't much like writing router scripts which require user to
customize them, thus perhaps some script to generate those parts
of alias file which contain Majordomo lists.

> thank you.
> derrick
> dmacpher@multimedia.edu
> ICQ #4756319

	/Matti Aarnio