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Re: EHLO greeting does not send FQDN

> Somewhere I must have misconfigured some file..


> EHLO/HELO is sending the following greeting 
> EHLO gate
> I would like it to send
> EHLO gate.mcc.net
> Where is that set? I have set the hostname variable in /etc/mail.conf to
> gate.mcc.net, but it is getting chopped for some reason(?)
> Is there an obvious place that this can be checked?

File:  /etc/hosts
Line like: gate gate.mcc.net

Longer story:
	You likely have system configured to use initially "hosts"
	file for IP reversal resolving, and only then to look into
	the DNS.

	In the "hosts" file the first white-space delimittered token is
	the numeric addres, the second is the canonic name, and the
	possible extra tokens are aliases.

	Often people configure things so that their host canonic
	name is not in the first field...

Do I need to spell out the fix ?

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