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Re: route to address

> OK, then maybe allow a special case:
> @some.domain:		user@another.domain
> and do two lookups.  This will cover the most popular case when the
> `owner' of the domain receives mail to anybody@his.domain into a
> single mailbox.

Like this script ?  (right after  "$lcaddress" expansion in  fqdnalias.cf)
I have not tried this yet, just did copy&paste from "$lcaddress" processing
plus couple edits.

	# We may also match for:  "@domain.name"

	# Already expanded ?  If yes, go away!
	$(expansions "@$host") && return 1

	#   Yes, add to the expansions.  Success ?
	#     Yes, Any success with filepriv from the alias db ?
	#       Yes, generate new privilege attribute for it. Success ?
	#         Yes, do the expansion! (echo .. | listexpand ...)
	a="$(fqdnaliases "@$host")" &&
	  db add expansions "@$host" fqdnaliases &&
	    priv=$(filepriv -M 644 $MAILVAR/db/fqdnaliases \
				$(db owner fqdnaliases)) &&
	      nattr=$(newattribute $A privilege $priv) &&
		return $(echo "$a" |				   \
			 listexpand	-e root 		   \
					-c 'fqdn-@alias expansion' \
					-N -			   \
					"$nattr" "$a" "$address")

> Eugene

/Matti Aarnio