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Re: route to address

>   Could you send me the  rrouter.cf  code lines you refer to above ?

I don't have them any more, and I don't miss them.  I just stuck an
extra ssift or two into rrouter().

Not at all scalable and I soon tired of editing rrouter.cf every time
I needed to change an alias, so I hacked a 'fqaliases' thing and when
you added fqdnaliases I started using it.

The other day I added a similar ugly hack near the end of fqdnalias.cf
to provide semi-meaningful bounces for virtual domains:

	# Didn't match, bounce perhaps?

	ssift "$lcaddress" in
		return (((error badkde "$address" $A)))
[ ... more lines, one per domain ... ]
		return 1 # Not in  uu@hh  form!

	return 1

Being able to bounce mail like that is useful (to me).