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Re: route to address

> > >   I wanna know how to migrate the e-mail from some domain to another
> > > address.
> > 
> > Two ways.
> > 
> > Either use fqdnaliases, to route one address to another.
> > 
> > Or, you can route all addresses in a domain to another.  I used to do
> > that in the router, took just a few lines of code in rrouter.cf, and I
> > think someone else on the list mentioned using the routes file, like
> > this:
> > 
> >      some.domain     local!user
>   The routes processing does not do it properly.  The result
>   will not be processed thru routing analysis again, and it
>   really works only for relaying entire domains thru named
>   channels and gateways.
>   Could you send me the  rrouter.cf  code lines you refer to above ?

Matti,  it seems to me that doing this thru fqdnaliases would be most
convenient to administer.  Is it hard to allow substring or regex
matching to fqdnaliases?