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Re: snap2 is a no-go...

> Not everywhere, but one of the "minor" changes at the libsh  stuff
> broke the router script execution.  All other subsystems are ok, and
> I need some feedback on those new policy code things I mentioned
> in the previous email.  (Arnt, this means you! ;-)  )

Yesterday evening, I installed snap2 on a "testing and development"
host and I did not notice any problems, but also I did not test any
policy-related things.

Besides that, I at last realized why $LOGDIR is not expanded in the
scheduler.conf file.  Unlike special cases of "$channel" and "$host",
zenvariables need to be specified in the form "${variable}" with
curly brackets.  And, BTW, transport.c does not need code for any
special treatment of LOGDIR, as it has the code to expand any

Summary: in the proto/scheduler.conf.in all occurences of "$LOGDIR"
must be changed to "${LOGDIR}".