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Zmailer aliases and list mapping troubles during delivery


Is there a database problem here with lists? I have a list-of-lists
which is giving trouble.

A mail bounce message gives me the diagnostic:

<local everyone@relay.Phys.UAlberta.Ca dja@relay.Phys.UAlberta.CA 0>: 
user "ctaylor" doesn't exist
<local everyone@relay.Phys.UAlberta.Ca couch@relay.Phys.UAlberta.CA 0>: 
user "ctaylor" doesn't exist
<local everyone@relay.Phys.UAlberta.Ca ctaylor@relay.Phys.UAlberta.CA 0>: 
user "ctaylor" doesn't exist

I can't understand why "ctaylor" error is triggered on these other  
usernames or even why it's coming up as an error, since all addresses are 
valid and have mappings in the aliases file.

Locally here, everyone is a "list of groups",
a la  an ":include:/zmailer/db/groups/xxx" format

This config is based on the old format I had in 2.99.10mea, and I carried
our db structure over to the new version. The format of the include did
change, so I had to remove punctuation and put one user per line in the
group files.

In my alias file I have this main list entity:
# group everyone
everyone: profs,researchers,postdocs,apo,fso,grads_exclude,staff,guests,externals

and for example, the 'apo' alias is:
apo:	":include:/zmailer/db/groups/fso.group"

The fso.group file contains the lines:
#fso group

(all the other include type group files are similar).

These particular users are mapped in the aliases file to:
couch:          couch@uglab.phys.ualberta.ca
dja:            dja@uglab.phys.ualberta.ca
ctaylor:        ctaylor@tshimshan.phys.ualberta.ca

These are the only entities which are a headache. All the other
entries in the other lists which are part of 'everyone' are fine.

When I run router -i to query, everything looks fine:

[jmack@relay db]# router -i
ZMailer router (2.99.49p8 #1: Mon Nov  3 11:47:21 MST 1997)
Copyright 1992 Rayan S. Zachariassen
Copyright 1992-1997 Matti Aarnio

z# router dja
<jmack.interactive@relay.Phys.UAlberta.CA>: address: dja
(((smtp uglab.phys.ualberta.ca dja@uglab.phys.ualberta.ca g0)))
z# router couch
<jmack.interactive@relay.Phys.UAlberta.CA>: address: couch
(((smtp uglab.phys.ualberta.ca couch@uglab.phys.ualberta.ca g1)))
z# router fso
<jmack.interactive@relay.Phys.UAlberta.CA>: address: fso
(((smtp uglab.phys.ualberta.ca dja@uglab.phys.ualberta.ca g5))
((smtp uglab.phys.ualberta.ca couch@uglab.phys.ualberta.ca g7)))
z# router ctaylor
<jmack.interactive@relay.Phys.UAlberta.CA>: address: ctaylor
(((smtp tshimshan.phys.ualberta.ca ctaylor@tshimshan.phys.ualberta.ca g8)))

(and even testing everyone comes out ok, but it's too big to show here).

This error happens whenever a "real" message directed at 'everyone' goes 
through zmailer.

Any ideas as to why?