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Re: `struct token' declaration problem

> > Hello. I have tried to compile Zmailer 2.99.49pl9 under 
> > IBM AIX v4.1.4 and the following problem has appeared.
> > Declaration of the `struct token' that is widely used in 
> > Zmailer sources conflicts with `struct token' in system
> > header `/usr/include/net/if_arp.h'. I had renamed `struct
> > token' into `struct z_token' and compiled Zmailer without
> > other problems and made the patch.
> > 	Now I have got a question: should this patch be
> > incorporated into mainstream source code?

	Rename it a bit:  "struct token822"
	After all, it is about RFC-822 tokens.

	And BTW: there is no RELEASE of 2.99.49p9, only my
	snapshot which I needed to copy the sources to my
	laptop a few days ago.  (I have been traveling, and
	hunting a leak of one malloc()ed conscell object at
	every crossbar run -- effectively each processed
	recipient has leaked one conscell worth of memory.)

> This should probably be incorporated into the mainstream code so
> that I no longer have to patch each new version I build on AIX.

	Indeed.  If you make the change, and diff it against
	2.99.49p9snap1, it will be easy for me to incorporate it.

	Oh yes, send the diff to:  zmhacks@zmailer.org

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>