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Re: policydb problem causes mail looping... (2.99.49p8)

Sorry to have bothered everyone again. I was too careless.

In article <EIxy39.84p@www.mingpaoxpress.com>,
I  <acli@mingpaoxpress.com> wrote:
>2. Somehow, the smtp ta and the smtpserver interacts in
>   such a way where the "400 policy database problem" error
>   counts as a hop. Coupled with problem (1), the maximum
>   number of hops is quickly reached in the case of a
>   policydb problem.

This part has been solved; it has nothing to do with the
policydb. It is a localnames problem. I accidentally
created a localnames.db file with zero length, so zmailer
thought that the local host is not local, and keep feeding
itself the same copies of mail.

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