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DNS lookups

Hi there,

zmailer has a Problem with DNS lookups. If a host has
no MX entry, but a valid IP Adress then the SPAM filter
will not accept mails (Access denied due to excessive spamming ...).
Or better say if the nameserver doesn't offer the MX record.
I think zmailer fills a record that gets empty if it asks for
the MX record so the IP address is lost and the mail receipt is beeing
Then the error message could get better. I had the case
with owner-softverf@lal.cs.byu.edu, where the maintainer was shocked
to hear that his domain is ostensible a SPAM domain, but just
the DNS lookup failed !

Greets, Sven
PGP public key at http://www.informatik.tu-muenchen.de/~goldt/pgp/pubkey