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Re: procmail (again :-( )

> Hi,
> I have recently upgraded to zmailer 2.99.49p4, and using the suggested
> entrys in sm.conf for procmail.  The local/{pipe,file} entrys work fine
> now.
> But it appears that local/* ends up running:
> /usr/bin/procmail user@hostname.mydomain
> Procmail doesn't understand what the "@" and fqdn is for, and IMHO it
> shouldn't (its a local delivery program).  How do I get just 'user'
> to it, non of the $ substitutions I've seen listed have this.

	Oops, right.  See  MAILSHARE/router.cf  for this:

# Does our "local" channel accept domain (@) at the user part ?
# ZMailer's mailbox does accept.  If you use something else, and
# it doesn't accept, comment this away!


	Procmail does not understand domain quite same as
	ZMailer mailbox --> thus you must comment this away.
> Thanks.
> -- 
> Darryl Miles

	/Matti Aarnio