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ZMailer for slow connection

>   Again, not much has been said about the details on this persons mail
> server...

Ok, i will elaborate a little about my mail server now.

My ZMailer server is located in the US, it's the lowest preference MX (0)
to 'somedomain.com' which is in a country with a heavily used 64K connection
to the net for the *WHOLE* country. Now, even though their connection is 
crazy slow, they receive a lot of email, i have seen that yesterday some 
100 MB of email were received and i had, at one moment, some 1.900 
messages queued, so i started denying all incoming mails to just let my 
server deliver the whole thing.

The server is a SS10 100Mhz 128MB RAM whose load average is very low = 0.10

When i send 256-byte packets to the 2 only servers on the other side that 
receive the mails, last night at 4 AM, i got round-trip (ms) avg = 3006,
during the day, right now for example, i get round-trip (ms) avg = 6032
packet loss is usually between 15% -> 50%.

I have proposed a whole solution to that country recently, to force the 
use of proxy servers, web redirectors to mirror sites abroad, routing 
filters and policies, and a bunch if mail solutions (i have written a 
'smart' listserver wich optimizes mail usage too), but right now i am 
tackling just the web redirection issue and of course, the mail woes, 
they have not decided yet about the rest, and it scares me a lot.

I was wondering if it would be worthy that i get into ZMailer sources
and modify certaing things so i can adapt it to this kind of situation,
but first of all i wanted to save time and efforts writing to the list 
and see if anyone can come up with a smart idea before i burn my brain.

Thanks for your time,

Enrique Vadillo-
RCP - Internet Peru
Fax: +51 1 241-1320
Web Site: http://www.rcp.net.pe (PERU)
Mirror Web Site: http://ekeko.rcp.net.pe (USA)