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Re: zmailer too restrictive

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, Erik E. Fair wrote:

> The catch-22 is that in order to identify the local-part (the thing
> it's not supposed to mess with when the domain is not the local
> host), zmailer has to parse the From: line, as specified in the
> BNF on Appendix D of RFC822, as modified by RFC1123.

  No, to identify the local-part Zmailer has to parse the SMTP "mail
from", and "rcpt to" commands.  This happens long before the headers are
even transmittted.

  At this point, Zmailer is rejecting things like "mail
from:<a.-b@domain.com", even though "-" is not a "special" and should be
treated as a regular character.  See BNF in RFC 821.  This all happens
before the headers are transmitted.