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Re: No 'mailq' tcp service defined!

> With  ZMailer Server 2.99.45 reinstalled after a disk crash
> /etc/services seems to be well configured
> mailq           174/tcp         #ZMailer transport queue
> Scheduler started with
> /opt/local/mail/bin/scheduler -l /var/log/mail/scheduler.perflog -Q -S
> -H
> gives this error message
> No 'mailq' tcp service defined!
> Any clue thanks

	What kind of system you have ?  Solaris ? DEC UNIX ?

	Do you have  /etc/nsswitch.conf  or /etc/svc.conf ?
	If you have, what does  "services"  refer to ?  To NIS(+) ?

	My style is to have "files" or "local" (depending upon
	the flavour) in front of possible nis(plus).

> Jean-Luc Tardivel

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>