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Re: warning in deliver..

"Paquette, Trevor" <TrevorPaquette@mcc.net>
> Does zmailer generate this warning? or is it MS-Exchange?
> If it is zmailer, is there a way to override? or would we even want to?

It's zmailer.  Someone gave zmailer a message containing unlabelled
8-bit characters, and the site zmailer wants to deliver the message to
doesn't say it will accept 8-bit mail.

Zmailer wants to recode it as 7-bit before sending it to its
destination, and since the message isn't labelled zmailer doesn't know
what character set is used.  This isn't an optimal situation, and
zmailer adds a warning to that effect.

You can do several things about it.

 - Make sure you generate MIME-labelled mail.  That's not too hard
   with most clients.  You can mostly make them say e.g.

	MIME-Version: 1.0
	Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
	Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

   (substitute the character set in use in your organization) and it
   will come out right.  If your site habitually sends unlabelled
   8-bit mail with several different character sets, you can't do

 - Configure zmailer to send 8-bit mail to the receiving site even if
   it doesn't announce 8BITMIME.  You need an additional clause in
   scheduler.conf with the same commands as smtp/* except that you
   specify the -H command-line option to smtp.  If you don't know what
   sites accept 8-bit mail without announcing it, you can't do this.

 - Remove the warning, it's in transports/libta/mimeheaders.c.  I
   don't recommend this - the problem will still be there.