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Re: Forced MIME text/plain for non-ascii letters

> The well-known problem of Cyrillic Internet is transport charset (KOI-
> 8) being different from both DOS (IBM-866) and Windows (ANSI-1251)
> charsets. Most of standard modern Windows e-mail packages assume
> that incoming messages are either IBM437, IBM866 (if properly using
> OemToAnsi) or ISO8859-1. And reader sees some shit.

Zmailer can be used to translate incoming mail (if requested) and
fix "charset=" attribute appropriately without any patches.  See
smtpserver/README.translation for details.  I do not feel that adding
absent MIME headers is really necessary as there is a lot of koi8 mail
floating around without any MIME headers; and if Content-Type is present
and has incorrect charset, it is fixed.  Also note that with my approach,
Zmailer will not touch any transit mail: translation is only triggered
if a special hostname is used to make SMTP connection.