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Re: Delayed smtp-delivery

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Dean Michaels wrote:

>> Not such a good solution for me because people from within my network
>> have
>> to send mail using smtp.
>> (Using sendmail I ran 'sendmail -bd -q 1h' and I marked all mailers as
>> expensive and enabled 'keep expensive'. That was a good solution; no
>> connections were made when an e-mail was sent (e.g. no for nameserver
>> lookups and to sent the mail)... (just after an hour the queue process
>> starts...)
>Just launch smtpserver from inetd. It will leave all of the pending
>e-mail in the postoffice until you launch your router and scheduler.
>(don't forget to change your $ZMAILER/bin/zmailer script to exclude
>smtpserver from startup).

Isn't that inefficient or slower? I'd like to run it as a daemon, because
of saving cpu and mem, or am I crazy saying that? :-)

And, it doesn't give me a solution for my second problem; what if a site
connects where I have to send mail to; running etrn isn't possible in that
case isn't it?

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