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Re: Delayed smtp-delivery

On 25 Aug 1997, Sven Goldt wrote:

>: There are 2 things I hope I get managed to using zmailer:
>: 1.
>: (e.g. I want the mail to be delivered to the world once an hour (or after
>: the first message is one hour old)).
>Just don't start a router or zmailer at all. Start it, when needed.
>'sendmail' will just place the mail in the spool directory.

Not such a good solution for me because people from within my network have
to send mail using smtp.
(Using sendmail I ran 'sendmail -bd -q 1h' and I marked all mailers as
expensive and enabled 'keep expensive'. That was a good solution; no
connections were made when an e-mail was sent (e.g. no for nameserver
lookups and to sent the mail)... (just after an hour the queue process

>: 2.
>: How can I set up zmailer so that it queues the mail for that domain
>: always, without delaying the mail for the other domains?
>Just open an own channel for it.

??? Don't understand that (I'm new to zmailer)
Another port or what do you mean? (A different queue?)

Paul Dekkers (psd@worldaccess.nl)
N.E.V - Nescio Ergo Valeo