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Delayed smtp-delivery


There are 2 things I hope I get managed to using zmailer:

I use a "call on demand" router that connects me to the world if there's a
request for it, so when browsing the net or smth, but I don't want zmailer 
to deliver the mail immediately as someone in my subnet sends mail, how
can I do that?
(e.g. I want the mail to be delivered to the world once an hour (or after
the first message is one hour old)).

I have a host that is normally offline. I want to deliver mail using smtp
to that host (not uucp!). I managed to send the mail for that host to the
relay-host by using 2 MX-records with the higher one to the relay-host, 
in case the host is offline.

How can I set up zmailer so that it queues the mail for that domain
always, without delaying the mail for the other domains?
And what can I do to deliver the mail? The "offline host" can be a normal
unix client with sendmail or zmailer but also win95 with some strange
mailers, so I can't always sent a command from the offline host (but I
want to test with forced-etrn too if possible).
I want to send the mail to the host that connects, or when the host
requests it via etrn. I can put something in the ppp-login-script (but it
would be nice if it isn't needed).
How can I do that?

(Until now I tried with sendmail but I didn't manage to, because sendmail
keeps on trying to deliver the message and that delays the delivery of the
other messages...)

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