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Re: Blocking (random) numerical addresses

->   Ahh, spam with random numbers in the username and domain parts.
-> 25698r   MAIL From:<25315805@15021.com>
-> 25698w   250 2.1.0 Sender syntax Ok
->   How about a facility to block using regular expressions, with the
-> Perl-style extensions? \d+@\d+\..* would be nice to block... The dns
-> lookup based filtering scares me a bit (dns outages aren't that rare).

nice idea. now how about 31337.net ?
maybe we should just ignore them it they have such stupid domainname (sorry
mishania I know it's cool)

->   It would be nice if one could filter in the router too. For example, the
-> X-Advertisement header with an IEMMC URL is a good sign of a spam.

hmmm that's not very hard not to include x-advertisements into spams.
and probably include more of such lines.
THat would mean new headers will need new tests and spams without such
headers wouldn't be detected here. But i'm not against doing this type of
teste. They just need to be created very dynamic.

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