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Re: Anybody with Majordomo et.al. experience ?

>      Anybody willing to share us their experiences at
>      setting up different mailinglist managers with ZMailer ?
>      That is needed for ZMailer manual appendix B ...
>      I have none of the popular ones, so I can't exactly
>      tell, how you would do it with Majordomo, for example.

I am running SmartList with *many* maillists, but none of them is a
busy one (no more than several messages a day for several subscribers).
That's why I did not care to optimize things, and I am *not* using
Zmailer's genuine list expansion feature, but rather have an :include:
for every list...  Not the sort of experience one'd like to share with
the readers ;)

BTW, there is some negative experience: SmartList uses a comment-only line
(a text in round brackets, without actual address) as a separator in the
address list.  Zmailer does not like it at all.  (At least, did not like
a few versions ago).