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Re: spam suggestion

> On Mon, 18 Aug 1997 Nicholas_Briggs.PARC@xerox.com wrote:
> > I think you've got it backwards --
> > 
> > The proposal, as I understood it, was that if you list as a DNS server
> > the DNS server of a known spammer (e.g., NS.CYBERPROMO.COM) then your
> > domain will not have mail accepted from it.
> Internic doesn't let just anyone FTP the zone files anymore...but you can
> build such lists via whois:

	Doesn't allow ?   Have a look at:
	Perhaps you do mean that the root DNS servers don't allow
	named-xfer transfers except from listed hosts ?
> The list is long enough that I'd probalby want a db database if I was
> going to add them all.


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